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Your Atrium Garden Room

With a width of up to 9m and a maximum depth projection of 6.1m, the Atrium luxury garden room from Solarlux and SunSpaces is a truly elite option for your home. This spectacular glass structure provides a haven from which to enjoy your outdoor living space from March to October, whilst also protecting you from the inclement British weather.

This product’s slimline aluminium profiles are almost invisible, and this – coupled with the fact that the supporting posts are attached to the outside of the roof section – means that you benefit from maximum visibility and maximum light.
The roof pitch of this garden Atrium can be between 5° to 25°, adding to the flexibility of this luxury outdoor product.
Atrium from £POA + VAT

Standard Sizes

Min. Width – 2.1m.
Max Width - 9m
Min. Depth – 2m
Max Depth - 6.1m
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Standard Colour Options

RAL 7015
Slate Grey
RAL 7016
Anthracite Grey
RAL 7021
Black Grey
RAL 7024
Graphite Grey
RAL 7035
Light Grey
RAL 7038
Agate Grey
RAL 7039
Quartz Grey
RAL 7040
Window Grey
RAL 8017
Chocolate Brown
RAL 8019
Grey Brown
RAL 8022
Black Brown
RAL 8077
Dark Brown
RAL 9010
RAL 9003
Signal White
RAL 9004
Signal Black
RAL 9005
Jet Black
RAL 9006
White Aluminium
RAL 9007
Grey Aluminium
RAL 9010
Pure White
RAL 9011
Graphite Black
RAL 9016
Traffic White
RAL 1015
Light Ivory
RAL 3011
Brown Red
RAL 5003
Sapphire Blue
RAL 5008
Grey Blue
RAL 5014
Pigeon Blue
RAL 6005
Moss Green
RAL 6009
Fir Green
RAL 7004
Signal Grey
RAL 7006
Beige Grey
3 Year Warranty
3 Year Warranty
The Atrium garden room comes with a 3-year warranty as standard for additional peace of mind.
Greater Transparency
Greater Transparency
These luxury garden rooms feature slimline profiles and exterior supports for better visibility.
Extremely Versatile
Combine your Solarlux Atrium garden room with your favourite paving design for a personalised finish.

Atrium Garden Room Details:

Fully customisable with a variety of additional features, the garden Atrium can be easily modified to suit your wants and needs. Meanwhile, if you are not ready to commit to a full-scale garden room, the Solarlux Atrium veranda can always be retrofitted with glass side panels at a later date.
Aspire Sunroom
8mm thick laminated glass roof, able to withstand loads of up to 90kg per m2 (roughly 50cm of snow). Polycarbonate roof also available.
Roof Pitch / Angle: choose between 5° to 25°.
View our colour options here
Add glass doors to enclose one or more sides
Panorama Sunroom
Panorama Sunroom
Panorama Sunroom
Panorama Sunroom
8mm thick laminated glass roof, able to withstand loads of up to 90kg per m2 (roughly 50cm of snow).
Roof Pitch / Angle: choose between 5° to 25°.

Up to 6m projection
View our colour options here
Add glass doors to enclose one or more sides
Concealed roof drainage

Reinforced steel rafters
Optional Ventailation
This product is manufactured according to German construction standards, ensuring a guaranteed strong, safe and solid system and has been EN 1090-1 certified since January 2016.

Garden Room Configuration Options

Example 1
Example 1
Example 2
Example 2
Example 3
Example 3
Example 4
Example 4
Example 5
Example 5

Optional Extras